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Bed Bug Control Methods

If you have bed bugs in your home, hiring a pest control professional to treat the infestation is the best option. There are steps for homeowners to take, however, that will make pest treatments more effective.

Note: Be sure you know what NOT to do when dealing with bed bugs. Do-it-yourself pest control and "home remedies" for bed bugs are often ineffective, illegal, and can be fatal.

If you find bed bugs or evidence of bed bugs:

  • Run all linens bedding, and clothes through the laundry and dry at a high temperature,
  • Vaccum floors, carpets, and furniture (be sure to dispose of the vaccum bag in a sealed freezer-grade plastic bag),
  • Clean up any clutter in the house, and
  • Call a pest control professional.

The cleaning steps listed above will help prepare your home for the pest control professional and will help make treatment more effective.

Disposing of Infested Items

Though this may sound surprising, bed bug management best practices do not suggest throwing away infested items for a few reasons:

  • Throwing away infested items does not guarantee control.
  • Disposal and replacement can place a large financial burden on homeowners.
  • Discarding items can actually spread bed bugs to new areas.

Explore options for treating rather than discarding items. (In the case of mattresses and furniture, encasements can be a cost effective alternative.)

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