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Duval County Agriculture

Duval County Agriculture


If you are interested in learning the basics of Backyard Poultry Husbandry the Duval County Extension Office will present online options this year for you to become familiar with everything you will need to know to start raising hens. Things that will be covered in the introductory class include: Embryology, Breed Selection, Coop Design, Health Management, Egg Production, Flock Management, Nutrition, and Hen Physiology. These classes will satisfy the requirement to recieve a Backyard Hen permit from the communities in Duval County. After the presentation you will be required to participate in a short evaluation/quiz prepared from subjects covered in the class. Upon completion of the evaluation, you will receive a certificate to use to apply for the permit.

Click Below for the Eventbrite Backyard Hen Class Registration 

September 17th  Lunchtime  Backyard Hen Program

Self Paced Poultry Class:

If you would rather take an online course at your convenience and at your own pace, the Baker County Extension Office is offering a self paced online class through an online platform called CANVAS. The cost is $15.00.  The registration information is in the following link.

Self Paced Baker County Online Program

Further Information:

City Of Jacksonville

COJ Hen Permit Application

COJ Hen Ordinance

City of Atlantic Beach

COAB Hen Permit Application

COAB Hen Ordinance

City of Neptune Beach

CONB Hen Permit Application

CONB Hen Ordinance

City of Jacksonville Beach

COJB Hen Permit Application

COJB Hen Ordinance

Poultry Nutrition

Here you will find resources regarding nutrition in small poultry flocks.

Proper Egg Handling

Here you will find resources regarding how to handle eggs saflely. 

Guide to Chicken Breeds

Here you will find an extensive list describing different chicken breeds.