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Community Gardens



Who We Are

We are a co-operative program created by the interdepartmental relationship of the University of Florida and the Pasco County Extension Office. The Community Gardens program originated in the low income communities of Dade City, and is run by the County Extension Director, Dr. Whitney Elmore, and the Community Gardens Program Assistant, Eden Santiago-Gomez.


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The program provides the guidance and help necessary to develop and create community gardens from ground zero, instilling key components of sustainability in the process. We provide all of the necessary knowledge for anyone looking to build a community garden, and grow their own food. Along the journey, the program also hosts gardening, cooking, and nutrition classes.


Contact Us

Visit us at our main office located on 36702 State Rd, Dade City, FL 33525, or contact us at 352-518-0156. For additional information about the program, contact Eden Santiago-Gomez at or 352-518-0156.