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UF/IFAS Extension
Baker County

UF/IFAS Extension Baker County is a partnership between the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the University of Florida's Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS), and the Baker County Board of County Commissioners.

(904) 259-3520
1025 West Macclenny Avenue
Macclenny, FL 32063


Monday - Friday
8:30am - noon
1pm - 5pm

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Venus Lookingglass – Wild Weeds
Wild Weeds – Weed of the Month Clasping Venus's Looking-glass Triodanis perfoliata Clasping Venus's Looking-glass is an annual herbaceous wildflower in the bellflower family. The bell-shaped flowers have five bluish-purple petals and develop on the leaf axil


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This Arbor Day, Plant an Investment in a Greener Future
January 20 is Arbor Day in Florida, and this Friday, Extension offices throughout the state will be hosting tree planting workshops and tree giveaways. Florida gets a jump on national arbor day, which isn’t until April, because this is the time of year when young trees are easiest to transplant in our warmer climate


Tomato Gardening Class
The UF/IFAS Extension Office in Baker County is offering a tomato gardening class on Friday, February 17th at 10:00 am. Topics include vegetable gardening basics, tomato variety selection, general care, tomato pruning techniques, and common tomato diseases and disorders (and how to avoid them)


Indianpipe – Wild Weeds
Wild Weeds – Weed of the Month Indianpipe Monotropa uniflora   Indianpipe, also known as Ghost plant or Death plant, is an herbaceous perennial wildflower that can sometimes be mistaken for a fungi. This plant does not contain chlorophyll and it not photosynthetic, therefore all parts of the plant are white and translucent


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    Scaleleaf Aster – Wild Weeds
    Wild Weeds - Weed of the Month Scaleleaf Aster Symphyotrichum adnatum Scaleleaf Aster is hardly noticeable when not in bloom. The leaves of this plant "hug" the stem, giving them a scale like appearance and making it difficult to spot on the forest floor


    Orange Milkwort – Wild Weeds
    Wild Weeds - Weed of the Month Orange Milkwort Polygala lutea Orange Milkwort is a short but showy wildflower found in pine flatwoods, bogs, savannas, and roadside ditches throughout the state. Blooms can be found March through November but sometimes can bloom year-round