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4-H Youth


4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning citizenship, leadership and life skills. 4-H is the community-based educational program of the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service that involves youth ages 5- 18 in planned "learn by doing" experiences and positive supportive relationships. 4-H is open to all youth ages 5-18 regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability or national origin.

4-H member holding 4-H member card


The 4-H Online Enrollment System is used to keep track of all youth and volunteers that are involved with the 4-H program. It is mandatory that all youth are entered into the system, not just for reporting purposes, but it is a way to keep track of information for each individual. When you are ready to enroll in 4-H Online, you will create a new family profile and then start enrolling individual members.

4-H Club Meeting

Projects & Clubs

4-H members "learn by doing", so your project work may include competing in a contest, going on a field trip, giving a speech, or working with an animal. In addition to becoming an expert in your project area, a 4-H member will learn leadership and communication skills. There are several clubs in 4-H to choose from. Clubs generally meet once a month and have activities centered around the clubs' theme.

4-H Campers at Camp Cherry Lake

Camps & Activities

There are a variety of opportunities for youth throughout the 4-H year. They can range from the Holiday Bake-Off, to showing an animal at the fair, or even go to residential Camp Cherry Lake for an entire week during the summer. We also offer summer day camps at the Extension Office and its surrounding areas that showcase a myriad of subjects like cooking, insects, farm to table, and much more!