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We're your front door to the University of Florida. Our extension programs include 4-H, agriculture, natural resources, horticulture and family and consumer sciences. Research-based & non-biased solutions for your life.

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The use of cutting boards during meal prep is a common practice when engaging in culinary techniques like cutting, slicing, dicing, and chopping. Cutting board options nowadays range from wood to nonporous surfaces such as plastic, glass, marble, or a ceramic type


What's Going on in Florida

2021 Virtual Row Crop Update
Due to ongoing COVID-19 related restrictions, the Panhandle Ag Extension Team will not be holding our traditional Row Crop Short Course this year, instead we are presenting The 2021 Virtual Row Crop Update Webinar Series - a four part series with each session focusing on a different.


Volunteering—Answering Life’s Most Persistent and Urgent Question
On January 17, we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr


Cold Protection for Palms, Fruit Trees, Flowers and Vegetables
Worried about the cold weather and if your plants will get injured in the freeze? Cold sensitive plants can be protected from injury or reduce the amount of damage if you give them some protection from the cold. What plants need to be protected?Tropical plants, tender vegetables, and some types of flowers could benefit from some protection


UF/IFAS Palm Short Course–2/25/22–In Person in Orlando!
I could not be more excited to share this highly anticipated, long awaited UF/IFAS Extension Palm Short Course in Orlando and in person! Palms are prized in the landscape and people notice when they look pathetic. There is a science to growing palms and managing them in the landscape


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    What’s the difference between portion size and serving size?
    Many of us read the Nutrition Facts label when making selections at the grocery store, an important step on our path to healthy living. But, have you ever thought about the difference between "serving size" and "portion size"? We won't throw a "spoiler" here and tell you the difference


    Saving and Sharing Seeds
    In January, many folks try new habits, hobbies, and take on cleaning projects, too. Let’s talk about all three in relation to seeds