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Summer 2019 SHIP Class Schedule
Homebuyer Education Class  This 6-hour course is designed to help you better understand the homebuying process, the financial responsibilities of home ownership, and basic home care and maintenance techniques to maintain the value of your home and save money on repairs. Completion of this course fulfills the homeownership education requirement for the SHIP and Rural Development programs Topics include: •


What's Going on in Florida

Here is What’s Trending in Wineries
As the Baby Boomer generation ages, they are drinking less wine due to health reasons. So too, with the Millennial's


Get a Jump Start on Your Spring Cleaning
I love spring cleaning. Well, I love spring


Let’s Walk Florida is Coming to Pasco County!
We all know by now that living a sedentary lifestyle is not healthy.  Countless studies show its association with obesity, cancer, and other chronic conditions


Stop the Robocall Madness
I know I am not the only one fed up with the robocall madness. I no longer answer calls from numbers I do not recognize, and I block known scam numbers


Spring Clean Your Finances
Just like your home, finances need regular “cleaning” and maintenance. Plan time this spring to focus on financial tasks


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    Get a Jump Start on Your Spring Cleaning
    I love spring cleaning. Well, I love spring


    What’s in a Label?
    For those of us who read food labels, grocery shopping can be a confusing maze of health claims enticing us to make what look like healthy choices. But, are these choices really healthy? When I noticed that my shampoo was gluten-free, I decided it was time to refresh my knowledge on food and product labels and figure out what is behind the label