Family and Consumer Sciences


The Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Program offers research-based information to assist Escambia County residents in the areas of Nutrition, Health and Food Safety, Personal Finance, Parenting and Family Life, and Leadership and Youth Development.  Our educational programming focuses on building stronger families and communities.

Dorothy Lee leads the FCS program

Angela Hinkle leads the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program. 


Dine In Day Pledge

Dine In Day is December 3rd,  This is a day to set aside and share a nutritious meal with family, friends, and colleagues and have good conversation. Dining In at home together really does make a difference in the lives of our families.  And families don't even have to be blood relatives. Sharing a meal is so fundamental to the human experience, that sometimes we take this simple task for granted. Dining-In at home together decreases our


Thanks, I Kneaded That

One of the most beloved smells across cultures and classes is baking bread. It brings about associations of home and comfort – even among folks who have never even experienced baking bread at home! The tactile experience of touching, folding, and pushing dough – or kneading – is considered by many to be one of the most pleasant touches in the world. Kneading dough is important in making bread and rolls light, airy, and chewy.  (After all,


Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Is lettuce turning brown and slimy in your refrigerator?  Is that two-year-old frozen turkey still safe to eat?  Should you dispose of that slightly moldy cheese?  If so, now is the time to clean out the refrigerator and freezer.  “When in doubt throw it out” is definitely a safe practice to follow.  However, throwing food out is like throwing money