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Citizen Science

Sea Grant provides trainings and opportunities for residents to monitor the health of our bay.  These programs include:


Microplastics – Involves collecting water samples at selected locations and uploading data to state website: occurs year round.


Living Shoreline – Monitoring plant dispersal and wildlife abundance in a restored salt marsh: spring and summer.


Diamondback Terrapins - Surveying selected salt marsh beaches for evidence of terrapin nesting and estimate relative abundance.  May require paddle craft: spring.


Mangroves  - Surveying one of 10 selected lagoons for the presence of mangroves.  Will require paddle craft: summer


Seagrass  - Monitoring seagrass growth, dispersal, and marine life at four selected stations within a selected seagrass meadow.  Will require snorkeling and the collection of water samples to be analyzed by UWF: spring, summer, fall.


LakeWatch  - Monitoring nutrients at three selected stations within a body of water.  Samples are collected and iced for analysis at the University of Florida.  Requires a boat: year round.


Water Watch – Sampling for fecal bacteria at selected locations each month.  Samples are analyzed by Escambia County Division of Natural Resources: year round.


Lionfish  - Monitoring for the presence of lionfish within the bay system.  This will require a dock for placing minnow traps.  Traps are checked weekly: summer and fall.


Vitex – Surveying selected coastal beaches for the presence of this invasive plant: spring, summer, fall.








Sea Grass Monitoring Training

Diamondback Terrapin Survey Training 1

Florida Horseshoe Crab Watch Training

Rick O'Connor
Sea Grant/Marine Science
3740 Stefani Road
Cantonment, FL 32533
(850) 475-5230

Carrie Stevenson, Extension Agent III
Energy/Sustainability/Wind Storm
3740 Stefani Road
Cantonment, FL 32533