Commercial Horticulture/Ornamental Production

Nurseries in Manatee County grow woody ornamentals, foliage, floral crops and sod with a value of 60 million dollars per year.

Areas of Expertise and Service to Manatee County

  • Commercial Horticulture Production
  • Nursery and Greenhouse Production
  • Plant Disease and Insect Pest ID
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Irrigation and Water Conservation
  • Salinity and pH
  • Pesticide Training & Licensing
  • Federal & State Regulations 
  • Industrial Hemp Questions
  • 4H/FFA Plant Project (Manatee County Fair Plant Show & Sale) Resources! 

Pesticide Training & Exams

Extension Agent II, Commercial Horticulture


Wael Elwakil

Commercial Horticulture

Phone: 941-722-4524 ext. 1814

1303 17th Street West

Palmetto, FL 34221

Ornamental Horticulture Blogs

What is wrong with the Sabal palm?

It’s difficult to believe that our state tree, Sabal palmetto, is presenting some difficulties. For me, Sabals are a bullet proof plant, until recently… What is the culprit? Lethal bronzing disease (LBD)! It used...

Nursery/Landscape Voluntary Respirators and Masks

  The COVID-19 issue has raised the question if OSHA respirator fit tests and medical exams are required for nursery and landscape workers voluntarily wearing masks to protect from the Corona virus.  The answer is no, if the masks or...

Slime Molds are Common During Warm, Wet Weather

With most of us being at home more due to restrictions on getting out, people seem to be noticing more of what is going on in their own lawns, landscapes and gardens. As a result, I am getting more questions about “unusual” things being seen....