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The Manatee County Agriculture and Extension Service Soils Unit, in partnership with the NRCS/USDA and the Manatee River Soil & Water Conservation District, assists Manatee County's land owners with conserving their soil, water and other natural resources. The majority of conservation application is accomplished with local partners. Local, state and federal agencies and policy makers also rely on our expertise. We deliver technical assistance based on sound science, suited to a customer's specific needs. Cost shares and financial incentives are available in some cases. Participation in our program is voluntary.

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Grouping and Feeding Cows by Nutritional Need

When dairy cows are grouped by production level, dairy farmers and nutritionist can formulate a ration that meets their nutritional needs. At the 29th Annual Ruminant Nutrition Symposium, Dr. Victor Cabrera, University of Wisconsin-Madison, spoke about the financial advantages of grouping cows by nutritional need. Some of the benefits to grouping cows are; saving feed costs, improving productivity, improving herd health, and decreasing


Save the Date: Florida Agricultural Policy Outlook Conference

Register now for the 3rd Annual Florida Agricultural Policy Outlook Conference on February 21, 2018 right here at the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center! Presentations and discussion topics include agricultural labor, trade and global competition, agricultural product consumer marketing research, economic impacts of natural disasters on agriculture, agricultural legislative update and economic opportunities and threats facing Florida


DCAD Diets for Dairy Cows

We know that nutrition during pregnancy is important for all animals. But dairy nutritionists are keenly aware of the importance of the diet during the transition from pregnant to lactating. Since production levels are high in many dairy herds, cows are susceptible to negative energy balance and hypocalcemia (milk fever) in early lactation. Hypocalcemia occurs when cows are unable to replenish blood Calcium (Ca) used for synthesis of colostrum