watering can and gloves in home landscape

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Horticulture Extension agents provide homeowners, HOA, plant nurseries and landscape professionals with information on Florida Friendly Landscape plants (FFL) including lawn care, plant selection, water conservation, insect and disease management through a variety of workshops. Master Gardener volunteers also work with schools training Jr. Master Gardeners on projects such as community gardens.  They provide thousands of hours of service to the local community.  Volunteers also answer questions and conduct soil pH tests in county offices while creating educational opportunities to expand the educational mission of UF/IFAS.


What can you tell me about the weed Bull nettle?

Thanks for bringing in a sample of the plant in a bag so I could better identify it. The Bull nettle, Cnidoscolus stimulosus, is also known as tread-softly, finger-rot, or spurge-nettle.  You have already experienced their stinging quality.  Irritant compounds cause intense stinging and itching will fill the long, stiff, hollow hairs on the stem,


What will help get rid of the chiggers once they bite you?

A chigger is the larval form of a mite also called a red bug.  It is a common misconception to think chiggers dig into the skin and stay attached.  The saliva of the chigger sucking on the fluid of our skin is what causes the irritation but often it does not show up for hours after the bite. Chiggers attached to humans are usually dislodged or die within hours.


I found this interesting orange and black insect on my Spanish needle wildflowers.  What is it? 

It is one of the Ermine moths called an Ailanthus Webworm Moth, Atteva aurea. Because the moth tucks its wings close around its body, most people mistake it for a long, thin beetle. The adult moth was most likely feeding on nectar from the wildflowers in your yard. The Ailanthus Webworm moth is found all along the eastern part of the United