Environmental Education

We do tons of environmental education through our two satellite offices located at Brooker Creek Preserve Environmental Education Center and Weedon Island Preserve Cultural and Natural History Center. My main programs around general environmental education include a week-long teacher training workshop and a Wildlife Wednesday Webinar series, but I help teach people about nature in a variety of ways, from videos to blogs, and factsheets to educational displays. Read more below...

Teacher Training Workshops

Environmental education is not usually included in traditional schooling, but that's a gap and a need I'm working to fill through my teacher training workshops. Now an offical facilitator for Project Learning Tree and Project WILD, I'm equipped to help formal and non formal educators incorporate environmental education into any subject! Learning math, science, writing and even doing physical education can be fun with environmental education. Registration is now open for our 7th annual ECO Teacher Training Workshop. You can get more information and register online at:

Click here to download this year's flyer: ECO TT flyer 2019

Wildlife Education

Though Pinellas County is the most densly-populated county in the state, we have some incredible green spaces that have been preserved through parks, preserves and management areas. Even better, we have tons of green space in our own yards! Learn more about the wildlife in your yards and how to adapt your yard into a wildlife haven through my resources. Check out the Wildlife Wednesday Webinars from years past, our "Backyard Nature Network Video Series", and these factsheets to learn more.

Traveling Tree Walk

It's not easy to showcase the value and importance of trees, especially in an urban setting like Pinellas County. That's why I developed the Traveling Tree Walk program. This program allows community groups to reserve Traveling Tree Walk signs that hang on specific trees to highlight the ecosystem services or benefits trees provide to us. There's even a brochure to go along with the project to help explain ecosystem services in a little more detail. If you're interested in hosting some signs at your location for a period of time, please contact me at


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