Health and Wellness


Good nutrition isn’t about counting calories or eating only “healthy” foods or never again eating your favorite food. Good nutrition is about making food choices that allow you to stay healthy and well, and have the energy you need to do the things you want to do. It’s about making informed choices based on your knowledge of food, nutrients, food safety, and food storage, and finding your balance between food and physical activity. Good nutrition can contribute enormously to your quality of life and to extended good health even into very old age.

The UF/IFAS Extension Family and Consumer Sciences food and wellness program is here to help you better understand a variety of topics related to nutrition, health and food safety and to provide you with tools you need to live a long and healthy life. 


Safe Sweating: Beating the Heat

Summer is a great time to get up and active, and in Florida, there are many outdoor activities available to help us do so. From biking to trail walking, to the many water sports and more, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be moving.  Did you...

Cervical Cancer Awareness and Prevention Strategies

Cervical cancer is a largely preventable cancer that affects women. The cervix is the part of the body that connects the uterus to the birth canal/vagina. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted virus that can lead to cervical...

May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month

May is Preeclampsia awareness month. According to American Pregnancy Association preeclampsia is a high blood pressure condition that affects 5-8% of pregnant women during their pregnancy or in the post-partum period following their delivery....