Sustainable Floridians

Sustainable FloridiansSM


Are you interested in learning about your ecological footprint? The Sustainable FloridiansSM Program teaches you how to reduce resource consumption, save money, and become part of a transition to a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable future.

What You Will Learn

The eight week course combines group discussions, weekly action exercises and resource materials for an interactive and informative program. You will be provided with course materials, books, energy conservation devices for the home, and other products that relate to sustainable living. Each week we will meet to learn about:

  • sustainability basics
  • energy conservation
  • consumerism
  • transportation
  • climate change
  • local foods
  • land use issues
  • landscaping
  • water conservation, and
  • community leadership.

Your role as Sustainable FloridiansSM

When you commit to becoming a Sustainable FloridianSM you take on the role of educator and activist within your local community. You will work to advance the message of sustainability and encourage residents to answer the call to sustainability.

Sustainable FloridiansSM may:

  • Become a Master Recycler
  • Give educational programs to the public
  • Support youth activities (K-12)
  • Write newspaper articles or blogs
  • Research new and emerging policies and technologies
  • Conduct tours and assessments
  • Participate in local outreach events


Interested in our next class? Contact us and we will add you to the list!

Holly Abeels

321.633.1702 ext. 52333


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