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Hurricane Updates

UF/IFAS Extension
Hardee County

The Cooperative Extension Service is nationwide and was established by the Smith-Lever Act of 1914. It is a partnership between state land grant universities, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the county governments throughout the nation.

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Monitoring gastrointestinal parasite loads in Florida sheep and goat operations
Gastrointestinal parasites are one of the many unforeseen challenges in livestock production. Some animals have the ability of coping with these burdensome organisms, but some individuals in our herds or flocks will never develop the resistance to thrive in this harsh environment


What's Going on in Florida

4-H, Pledge Your Hands to Larger Service with the Peanut Butter Challenge!
It’s the Peanut Butter Challenge Time! Peanut Butter Challenge Time! Peanut Butter Challenge Time! During the month of October, support people in need in your community and Florida’s peanut producers by generously donating to the Peanut Butter Challenge. 4-H members can dedicate their hands to larger service by collecting jars of unopened peanut butter, which will then go to local food pantries to help feed local


Prepare for Hurricane Ian
SEPT. 26, 2022 (10 AM) -- Hurricane Ian is approaching the Gulf of Mexico and is on a path to impact the west coast of Florida


¿Cómo desinfectar eficazmente un pozo de agua privado?
For the English version, please use this link  La lluvia excesiva es característica de los huracanes. Cuando las fuertes lluvias provocan inundaciones en un área, es posible que el agua de su pozo privado no sea segura para beber debido a los contaminantes presentes en las aguas de la inundación


Fall into Fitness: Staying Motivated through the Seasons
Crisp air, fall colored leaves, pumpkins and apples all signal that Fall is here. As the weather cools down, it’s easier to take advantage of outdoor exercise


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    ¿Qué debo hacer si mi pozo de agua está inundado?
    For the English version, please use this link Los huracanes son una de las tormentas más poderosas de la naturaleza. Producen fuertes vientos, inundaciones por marejadas ciclónicas y lluvias torrenciales


    Baby it’s cold outside!
    Florida has been through a period of warm winters. When I say warm I mean Central Florida has not seen many hard freezes in the last 11 years