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4-H Clubs in Highlands County

Avon Park

Boots and Buckles

Cornerstone Christian Academy*

  • *Must be a student of Cornerstone Christian Academy.  Please contact 863-453-0894 for more information.

Country Clovers

  • Community Service, Small Animal, Large Animal, Cloverbud, Healthy Living
  • Leader: Jackie Harris | 863-381-1995

Lake Placid

Lake Placid Clovers

  • Community Service, Cooking, Gardening, Heifers, Poultry, Rabbits, Sewing, Steers, Swine
  • Leader: Paula Sapp | | 863-441-1506


  • Community Service, Small Animals, Large Animals
  • Leader: Lauren Bush | 863-441-5939


Lorida Livestock

  • Large Animal, Community Service
  • Leader: Elsa Jane Miller | 863-381-2043


Cracker Trail Livestock

  • Small animal, Large Animal, Community Service, Leadership, Cloverbuds
  • Leader: Dawn Crawford | 863-381-8941  (text)


  • Citrus, Community Service, Dogs, Cloverbuds, Leadership
  • Leader: Stacy Hill | 863-381-0786

Highlands County Council*

  • Leadership, Citizenship
    *Made up of representatives from each club.  Please speak with you leader if you would like to be a delegate.

Highlands County Shooting Sports

  • Archery, Rifle, Outdoor Adventures
    Melissa Stockenberg | 863-441-1228

Highlands County Youth Citrus Project

Soaring Eagles

A+ Livestock

  • Large Animal, Community Service
  • Leader: Rebekah Wills | 863-273-0208


Ashley H.K. Gill
4-H Youth Development Agent

Alexis Cooper
4-H Youth Development Program Assistant

E-Mail us at:

Physical and Mailing Address
4509 George Blvd.
Sebring,FL 33875   

8:00am to 5:00pm


 Highlands County 4-H

 Youth Citrus Project

County Resources: