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UF/IFAS Extension
Lee County

Our mission is to respond to Lee County issues and needs through customized education and training in agriculture & natural resources, horticulture, 4-H youth development, marine education, Florida yards and neighborhoods, and family and consumer sciences.

(239) 533-4327
3410 Palm Beach Blvd
Fort Myers, FL 33916


Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm

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Clover Corner: May 2022
4-H at Home: Gardening at Home  No matter where you live or where you go in this world, there will always be plants. Gardening continues to evolve every day


What's Going on in Florida

Event: Lee County Urban Gardening and Micro Business Course
Interested in growing your own small food related business? Agents Roy Beckford and Jennifer Hagen of the Lee County Extension Office can help. The Urban Gardening and Micro-Business class series will introduce practical and technical concepts in urban farming and training in how to make valued added products


This Hurricane Season, Be Prepared for Anything
The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1. Are you ready? Maybe you think you’re ready—you’ve got some bottled water and canned goods to last a few days


Uncommon Edible Landscape Plants
Part 2 in the Uncommon Edible Landscape Plants Series, Part 1 can be found here. The landscapes that surround our dwellings, for some, may be our first and last connection to nature


Uncommon Edible Landscape Plants
Do you remember fistfuls of strawberries, the honeyed glace smell, dripping red juice over knuckles, sticky with the sweet sourness in the warm summer sun? Or maybe, the rich smell of fresh, cascading soil falling from carrots pulled from their hidden homes below the rich earth? The scent emanating when brushing past rosemary in your grandmother’s front walk? We often think of landscapes as a backdrop, an etched pallet, static dressing up the.


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    Florida’s Fab Five: Plants
    Can a plant change the course of history? Indigo, saffron, rubber, poppies, corn, potatoes…. there is a seemingly endless list of plants that have been instrumental in the development of human culture; the shifting of paradigms, wars fought, poetry written, and individual lives saved


    Clover Corner: February 2022
    Welcome to the virtual newsletter for Lee County 4-H! We hope that you find the Clover Corner to be a central location to find beneficial monthly updates on what is going on in the 4-H Program. To find old Clover Corners, visit the Clover Corner Newsletter tab on the website