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UF/IFAS Extension
Lee County

Our mission is to respond to Lee County issues and needs through customized education and training in agriculture & natural resources, horticulture, 4-H youth development, marine education, Florida yards and neighborhoods, and family and consumer sciences.

(239) 533-4327
3410 Palm Beach Blvd
Fort Myers, FL 33916


Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm

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Grow Tomatoes with a Bit of Plump and Circumstance
Tomato growing in Florida can be a tricky endeavor. It starts out well as you watch the deep green and fragrant leaves unfurl, climbing with fuzzy fervor seeking the sun, only to walk out the next morning with your coffee to discover the chewed remains of a stem


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For Valentine’s Day, Invest in Being Better Together
Valentine’s Day is near and love is the air. For many, February 14th is the one day we set aside to celebrate love and the relationships in our lives


Nuanced Wildlife- Racoons
Composed in night The ringed dark moves Delicate washed grins The sound of garbage bins Wandering nocturns Fingers dexterous puzzle solvers Fastidious cleaners Whiskers to whisper passageways Called unto from scented obligation A shadow in the shadows Movement to mimic the waning day Peering from hollow, crevice aloft Encircled delight in the glimpse of bottlebrush tail Gentle gaze from accentuated dark.


Where the Sea Meets the Land: Working Waterfront Preservation Post Hurricane
By Alyssa Vinson, Angela Collins, and David Outerbridge   Fishing for a living is a careful negotiation of knowledge, understanding and awareness that coincides with a little bit of luck. It is a puzzle each day as a pattern of processes and ideas form the potential of a bountiful haul from Poseidon’s den


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    Tempest and Grove: Post-Hurricane Mangrove Restoration
    Hurricane Ian made landfall on Sept. 28, and the vast storm surge from this event pushed extensive amounts of water into coastal areas


    UF/IFAS Extension relationships highlight community resilience after Hurricane Ian
    Co-authored by Alyssa Vinson and David Outerbridge Wakeful in early morning, cool air, clear sky, what would the morning sun bring to light and sight? Intensification, quick turns, bundling up loved ones and properties. The day after Hurricane Ian landed and revealed all the questions that needed answering