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Nassau County Extension staff conduct programs in 4-H Youth Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Lawns Gardens & Landscapes, and Familes & Consumers.

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Where is My Tax Return Refund?
Are you wondering - “Did the IRS receive my 2020 tax return?  or “When will I get my refund?” The good news is you are not alone, and the bad news is the IRS is behind; however, don’t worry. The IRS is behind in processing tax returns due to a culmination of circumstances such as pandemic-related issues, last-minute changes to the tax laws, and reduced staffing


What's Going on in Florida

Virtual Showcase of 4-H County Events 2020
As most Nassau County 4-H'ers already know, County Events 2020 has been postponed indefinitely as a result of the Covid-19 virus spreading around the county and the world.  Unfortunately, all of the youth who worked so hard on their various presentations, photos and musical acts weren't able to perform in front of a live audience and a panel of judges


Beneficial Garden Bugs: The Good Flies
Not all bugs are alike.  Some bugs in Florida are garden pests, because they can do a lot of damage to plants, especially during the growing season


Tracing your Stimulus Check
Requesting a Payment Trace to Track your Stimulus Check(s) Suppose you haven’t received your Stimulus Check/Economic Impact Payment (EIP) even though you received Notice 1444 or Notice 1444-B showing your payment was issued, or your online account shows your payment amounts. In that case, there is something you can do


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    April 2021 UF/IFAS Nassau County Extension Service Report
    The University of Florida (UF) administers the Florida Cooperative Extension Service. The Nassau County Extension Service is a partnership between the University of Florida and the county government, providing research-based knowledge and expertise to the public


    In past years, the IRS sends most refunds within three weeks of taxpayers filing their returns. But this year is complicated by several issues, including a backlog of 2019 paper tax returns that the IRS was unable to process after closing its offices during the coronavirus pandemic