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watering can and gloves in home landscape

Lawns, Gardens, and Landscapes


Horticulture Extension agents provide homeowners, HOA, plant nurseries, and landscape professionals with information on Florida-Friendly Landscape (FFL) plants including lawn care, plant selection, water conservation, insect and disease management through a variety of workshops. Master Gardener Volunteers educate the community regarding horticulture through educational outreach and provide thousands of hours of service to the local community. Volunteers also answer questions and conduct soil pH tests while creating educational opportunities to expand the educational mission of UF/IFAS

Master Gardener Volunteer Program

Nassau County's Master Gardener Volunteers assist Extension agents in providing research-based horticultural education to Florida's residents and strive to be the most trusted source for horticulture education in Florida.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program

The Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program is Florida's sustainable landscape maintenance program that follows nine-key principles. Starting with "Right Plant, Right Place", homeowners, property managers, landscape management companies, realtors, developers, community associations, or community leaders can adopt changes to help protect Florida's resources, save money, and allow us more time to enjoy our landscapes.

Sustainable Home Food Production

Starting your own vegetable garden or participating in a local community garden is a wonderful way to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to your family, community, or friends.


In the Garden, We Grow: A Garden’s Pest

The Inevitable Pests It is inevitable – any gardener can attest. Look closely and you will see a garden and its pest. But what is a pest? Usually when we think of the term “pest,” we may think of insect pests. Pests also include pathogens,...

In the Garden, We Grow: Beat the Heat

Florida's Rainy Season Florida’s rainy season arrived. County-wide we have seen lots of moisture in the past couple of weeks. Some areas receive over 2” of rainfall in an hour. Despite the invaluable impacts of moisture within our natural...

In the Garden, We Grow: Cold Cole Crops

Independence Day Independence Day is an amazing part of the summer. Many of us are traveling, spending time with friends, and celebrating our nation’s independence. Whether we celebrate with fireworks, community service activities, baseball...