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Florida plants and grasses in garden

About the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ (FFL) is the state of Florida’s premier Extension program that promotes sustainable alternatives to “conventional” landscaping, providing guidance on low-impact, environmentally friendly, science-based landscape practices that use less water and reduce pollutant loading to Florida waters. Since 1993, FFL has served Florida as a partnership between the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension (UF/IFAS Extension) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

The FFL Program is centered around nine principles:

  1. Right Plant, Right Place
  2. Water Efficienctly
  3. Fertilize Appropriately
  4. Mulch
  5. Attract Wildlife
  6. Manage Yard Pests Responsibly
  7. Recycle
  8. Reduce Stormwater Runoff
  9. Protect the Waterfront

The FFL Program isn't just for homeowners - it is for every Floridian engaged in any landscape management or decision making. In Nassau County, we provide resources:

  1. Homeowners
  2. Community Landscapes - Community/Property Managers, Building/Developers, HOA Board Members, and Local Governments
  3. Landscaping Professions - GI-BMP, Landscape Design, and FFL Professional Certification Program

Do you have an FFL? Our office does offer FFL Recognition for different landscapes. Reach out to our office if you are interested. Want some fun inspiration? Check out the FFL Example landscapes from around the state here.


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