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Additional Resources

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Here you will find additional resources from UF/IFAS Extension.


UF/IFAS’ Electronic Data Information Source (EDIS) is evolving to meet the needs of our audiences, as well as the faculty who provide research-based, timely information about agriculture, natural resources, family & consumer sciences, and youth development.

Invasive Plant Directory

The Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants (CAIP) mission is to inform the public about invasive plants and their understanding of the need for invasive plant management and research.

Toxic Plants of Florida

Developed by the University of Florida/IFAS horticulture experts, this ToxicPlants App helps you find the Toxic Plants of Florida, anytime, anywhere.

Insect ID Lab 

The University of Florida is here to assist you with Insect Identification. 

Woman pulling weeds

Weed ID by Flower 

Mid-Florida Research and Education Center has created a handy weed identification tool that focuses on flower color.

Gardening Solutions

Find answers and information on plants, lawns, landscape design, plant care, pest management, and much more!

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