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According to the USDA 2017 agriculture census Putnam county has 84,656 acres of agriculture. Ag lands are divided up by the following land uses - crops, woodland, pastures and other.

Vegetable Crops

There are 13,500 acres of cropland used for vegetable production, with potatoes being the largest crop commodity. Cabbage remains a staple, but other crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, and greens are also gaining popularity. Vegetable production is a major economic driver for Putnam County with nearly $35 million worth of products sold annually (2017 Ag Census).


Livestock in Putnam County consists mainly of beef cattle, but dairy cows, poultry, hogs, sheep, and horses also contribute to the framework. There are approximately 4,000 head of beef cattle within cow-calf operations (2017 Ag Census). Approximately 1/3 of the agricultural acreage in Putnam County is used as pastureland, and livestock brings in approximately $11 million annually.

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The Florida Forest Service (FFS) consists of more than 1,250 dedicated employees with the mission to protect and manage the forest resources of Florida, ensuring that they are available for future generations.