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Hurricane Updates

UF/IFAS Extension
Putnam County

The University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) is a federal, state, and county partnership dedicated to developing knowledge in agriculture, human and natural resources, and the life sciences.

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4-H Summer Camp Fun
Do you remember your favorite summer camps? Maybe there was hiking, swimming, first-aid training, horseback riding, or just tons of sweating, but also lots of learning and fun! One of our 4-H summer camps this year, Food Systems Day Camp, included Junior (8-10 year olds) and Intermediate (11-13 year olds) 4-H’ers learning about where some of their food comes from and how they can grow that food in fun, different ways. The three areas we


What's Going on in Florida

June Monthly Program Pollinator Gardening
Good pollination is an essential step in our food system.  Pollinators are instrumental in ensuring that we have a good harvest of fruit and vegetables


Prepare for Hurricane Ian
SEPT. 26, 2022 (10 AM) -- Hurricane Ian is approaching the Gulf of Mexico and is on a path to impact the west coast of Florida


What is 4-H?
Have you ever met someone who was “stuck in their ways”? This was the case with adults in agriculture back in the 1800s. Universities found young people to be more open and accepting of new research and agricultural developments


World Bee Day
When you read the word “bee,” what comes to mind?  Is it an image of a honeybee?  If so, you are in the company of most people.  Not many would argue the sweet benefits of this insect


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    Tri-County 4-H Potato Project: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Potatoes and Youth
    In January and April, 4-H agents, Ag Agents, FCS Agents, volunteers, and farm staff from St. Johns, Flagler and Putnam counties came together to provide two days of hands-on learning experiences for our 4-H kids at the UF/IFAS Hastings Agriculture Extension Center on Cowpen Branch Road


    Enhancing Your Scholarly Works Series – Tips That Can Help You Publish
    In a 2021 in-service-training, Scholarship in Extension 2.0 Virtual Workshop, the Central District Regional Specialized Agents (RSAs) and Associate District Extension Director (DED) reviewed program development implementation and evaluation, as well as the need for a “diversified scholarship portfolio” (Adams, et al, 2005)