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Health and Nutrition Programs

Essentials of Blood Pressure Management Series

Free online webinar series on preventing and managing high blood pressure. The five-part series includes nutrition, monitoring, medication, physical activity, and stress management.


If you've been diagnosed with prediabetes, this puts you at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Take the 1-minute risk test below to determine your risk level. PreventT2 is a lifestyle change program that helps participants lose 5-7% of their body weight and increase their weekly physical activity to lower their risk. Participants who join the program are one-third less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than individuals who did not join the program (CDC, 2018).


Carol Kazounis RD
Director of Community Health Programs
Florida Department of Health
in Putnam County, FL
Office: (386)-326-3223

Could You Have Prediabetes? Take the Risk Test

Toward Permanent Weight Management 

A 12-week program to help adults learn about healthy lifestyle practices including eating wisely, being physically active, controlling stress, and practicing self-acceptance. Achieve and maintain a body weight that is natural for you.