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Landscape Maintenance

In Florida, it seems like the grass never stops growing. Careful lawn maintenance – including proper fertilization, pruning, mowing and irrigation – goes a long way, especially when done sustainably. Keep your lawn healthy with the best management practices presented in these publications.
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  • Commercial Plant Problems

    To get a plant problem diagnosed, contact the agent for a phone consultation, and follow up with an email with photos that shows a good representation of the problem. A field visit may be made by the agent if warranted to assist with the diagnosis. Pest problems that cannot be identified at the county level can be submitted by the landscape professional to the UF-IFAS Plant Diagnostic Lab in Gainesville for identification, for a fee.

    The best method of contact the agent is via email. You can also call 352- 689-4671. If agent is unavailable leave a voice message, as it will be forwarded to email.

  • Chainsaw Safety

    Chainsaws are a useful and important tool, but you need to know how to opperate it propertly to prevent injury. Check out some of these helpful resources or come learn hands on at one of our Chainsaw Classes Eventbrite.

    Chain Saw Care and Safety

    Cleaning Up After a Hurricane: Safety Comes First!

    Chainsaw Safety

  • Pruning

    Pruning saws, shears and other pruning tools can spread disease organisms from one plant to another or from one part of a plant to another part of the same plant if not properly disinfected. While it may not be completely necessary to disinfect pruning tools each time you use them, making a habit of doing so can help reduce the chances of disease transmission among healthy landscape plants, and is especially important when working with plants that are considered irreplaceable.

    Disinfecting Pruning Tools

    Pruning in Three Steps

    Sharpening Your Tools

  • Mowing

    Mowing is one of the most important cultural practices for maintenance of a healthy lawn. Proper mowing height increases turfgrass density and promotes deep root growth, both of which lead to a stronger lawn that is more competitive against weeds and better able to persist under environmental stresses such as drought. Proper mowing practices, along with fertilization and irrigation, can largely determine the success or failure of a lawn.

    Lawn Mower Care and Safety

    Mowing Your Florida Lawn

    Mowing Tips for Florida

  • Irrigation

    Irrigation is used to provide water needed by plants that is not provided by rainfall. How irrigation is managed and the type of water used for irrigation varies throughout the state depending on the particular crop and resources available. A fundamental component of efficient irrigation is to determine the quantity of irrigation needed and when to apply it, or irrigation scheduling.


Norma R. Samuel FFL/Urban Horticulture Extension Agent IV, Ph.D. (352) 689-4671

Sumter County - Central  8015 E C-466 Suite A  The Villages, FL 32162