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Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth

The stout-bodied adult moths are tan to buff-brown in color, with two darker, thin parallel lines extending across the mid-portion of each forewing, the area between often being dark and appearing as a single, broad, dark band. The wingspread ranges from 1 to 1 3/4 in. (25-45 mm).

Azalea Moth

The adult moth is light brown with a wing expanse of 1 3/4 inches.

Yellowstriped Oakworm Moth

The adult female is reddish-orange in color, and about 3/4 to 1 inch (18 to 25 mm) in length. The forewing has a small white spot, a dark line, and numerous dark speckles. The hind wings are pale, and have an indistinct line.

Yellow-striped Oakworm (Female – Anisota Peigleri Riotte)

Anisota peigleri Riotte male moths are smaller than females, the body ranging from 15 to 20 mm in length. The forewings are dark reddish-brown with a small white spot and a larger whitish/translucent patch. The hindwings are mostly reddish brown. Males have plumose (featherlike) antennae that they use to locate females by tracking the pheromones females release during their “calling.”

Tomato Hornworm (Moth)

The adults are large moths with stout, narrow wings, and a wing span of about 100 mm. The forewings are much longer than the hind wings. They are dull grayish or grayish brown in color, though the sides of the abdomen are usually marked with five orange-yellow spots. The hind wings bear alternating light and dark bands.

Regal Moth

Hickory horned devils become beautiful regal moths! The regal moth has a wingspan of 9.5 to 15.5 cm. Females are larger than males. The forewings are gray to gray-green with orange veins and a row of seven to nine yellow spots near the distal margin. There also are single yellow discal and basal spots. The hind wing is mostly orange, with a basal yellow spot and yellow patches (or spots) on the costal  margins. The hind wing may also have one to two rows of gray-green spots. The body is orange with narrow yellow banding.

Luna Moth

The adult wingspan is 75 to 105 mm. Adult luna moths are large green moths with a long tail on each hind wing and discal eyespots on both the fore and hind wings. The luna moth is univoltine (one generation) from Michigan northward, bivoltine throughout the Ohio Valley, and trivoltine southward (Tuskes et al. 1996). In Louisiana and Florida, adults may be found during every month of the year. Also, reared specimens often differ in coloration from those in nature.


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