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The Horticulture Program offers research-based information to assist homeowners, horticulture professionals, and youth in landscaping and gardening practices. We offer educational programming and diagnostic services to promote healthy plants and protect natural resources. We also assist with best management and pesticide licensing training for professional certification. Evan Anderson is the Walton County Horticulture Agent and Master Gardener Coordinator, and can be reached at

Residential Horticulture

This program is designed to assist homeowners with research-based information that emphasizes proper plant selection for Northwest Florida, plant and pest identification and general landscape trouble shooting. Educational workshops, presentations, garden tours, outreach events and individual site consultations are offered through this program for residents of Walton County.

Commercial Horticulture

This program is intended for professionals involved in the Green Industry including installation / maintenance contractors, pesticide applicators, arborists and sports turf managers. If you own a horticulture service business or are employed by one, or work for a government agency this program offers pesticide licensing, continuing education opportunities and individual site consultations.

Florida Master Gardener Program in Walton County

Florida Master Gardeners are University trained volunteers who assist UF/IFAS Extension in providing residential horticulture and environmental stewardship information throughout the county.