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Florida-Friendly Landscape design plans with native plants

Plant clinic

If you have a nursery or greenhouse in lake county and have a problem, contact Lloyd for free site visits and consultations. the plant clinic for commercial producers is open at the uf/ifas mid-florida research and education center in apopka every Tuesday from 1-4 pm and many issues can be determined there for free.interactive web map of nurseries in lake county

Seeing some weird galls on Ligustrum? It is not herbicide as we thought in the past, but an eriophyid mite. Galls on Ligustrum.

Nursery IPM

UF IPM Florida website

2017 Southeastern U.S. Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and Landscape Plantings

The Insecticide and Miticide Mode of Action Field Guide

An Ornamental Plant Pest Management Guide and Pesticide Rotation Planning Aid

Nursery best management practices

Signing up to participate in nursery bmps means you are following all the practices currently required to keep our water resources clean. By filing a notice of intent form (noi) you will be presumed compliant with all state water quality standards. This is not a production guide, but a checklist of potential practices that may or may not apply to your situation. You choose the practices to implement that apply to your site. The manual was revised in 2014 to include practices for in-ground nurseries and leatherleaf ferns. Classes on nursery bmps can be found on our lake county extension calendar or you may call Lloyd to schedule a site visit and personal explanation of practices.

Nursery BMP Guide

Container nursery bmp notice of intent and other items

Nursery hurricane preparedness

Nursery/greenhouse production

Key Plant Key Pest Series

Integrated Pest Management Topics

Integrated Pest Management in the Commercial Ornamental Nursery

UF landscape plant propagation information

Southern Nursery Integrated Pest Management Resources

Starting a nursery business


Florida Nursery Grades and Standards

Palm Production and Maintenance Resources

Lake County Property Appraiser Agricultural Exemption Information

Nursery Crops

Foliage Plant Resources


Lloyd has moved to work for Extension in North Carolina. Juanita Popenoe will be handling this area until we have a replacement.

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