The Commercial Citrus Extension Agent provides wide ranging educational programs to grove owners, managers, and employers.  These include improved and economically sound production practices that enhance the productivity and profitability of citrus production in the Polk/Hillsborough County Area.

To view information from the six commercial citrus county extension agents in Florida,
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Chris Oswalt

Commercial Citrus

Extension Agent IV, M.S.


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UF/IFAS Joining FedByScience, a National Initiative

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A bug is afoot – a leaf-footed bug

By Ralph E. Mitchell One spring/summer plant pest that really bugs me is the leaf-footed bug.  Just as its name implies, the back legs of this insect have  leaf-like projections easily seen by the naked eye.  The leaf-footed bug attacks many types of plants and is a general nuisance in the garden. There are nine species of leaf-footed bugs in Florida.  This insect is a type of stink bug which will be very evident if you get your hands