The Commercial Citrus Extension Agent provides wide ranging educational programs to grove owners, managers, and employers.  These include improved and economically sound production practices that enhance the productivity and profitability of citrus production in the Polk/Hillsborough County Area.

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Chris Oswalt

Commercial Citrus

Extension Agent IV, M.S.


Recent Citrus Blog Posts

Plant Biostimulants: Know the Facts

Recent years have seen an explosion of products termed "biostimulants". What is biostimulants? Are they a good alternative to traditional chemical products?  Due to the recent outbreak of citrus greening in Florida, UF/IFAS has been conducting research on different types of plant biostimulants to determine if they are beneficial to the


An Insecticide-Free Way to Grow Citrus in the Face of Greening

Citrus greening disease is devastating Florida citrus. This disease is spread by an insect, the Asian Citrus Psyllid. Growers are faced with expensive decisions about spraying pesticides to control the psyllid to reduce the spread of the disease. Are there any ways to control psyllids without resorting to chemicals? Researchers at UF are looking into growing citrus under an insect excluding screen enclosure. Insect excluding screens have much


Picking with a Purpose

It is winter and the temperatures are dropping, the holiday season is upon us, and citrus across the state is ripening on the trees.  In this season of giving, have you ever noticed your backyard orange trees produce just too much fruit for you to eat?  If that's the case, consider having the UF/IFAS Clay County Master Gardeners help by gleaning your extra fruit and giving it to charity. Every year, the UF/IFAS Clay County Master