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A county, state and federal partnership, we translate research into community initiatives, classes, and volunteer opportunities related to agriculture; community development; gardening and landscaping; natural resources; nutrition and healthy living; and youth development.

6700 Clark Road (Twin Lakes Park, Green Building)
Sarasota, Fla. 34241


Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm

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Storm Prep 2018: Food safety AFTER the storm
As we saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, severe storms often result in extended power losses and flooding. Many of you did a tremendous job of preparing for these calamities, protecting your health and keeping your food supply safe by taking the necessary precautions


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EVENT: Energy-savings program to help low-income residents
Are you interested in learning how to save energy and water while helping low-income families in our community? Our new Energy Upgrade program will train volunteer "Energy Coaches"  to conduct in-home energy evaluations and offer education and advice on no- and low-cost upgrades aimed at helping cut energy- and water-use by more than $150 a year for Sarasota County families struggling with housing costs. Training starts July 19, so


Storm Prep 2018: Stock up on basic foods
Buy early and stock up. Sage advice, when it comes to disaster preparations


Sanjay Shukla and UF/IFAS Extension Innovation
Innovation has long been a value embedded in UF/IFAS Extension programming. From our first days over a century ago to what we are delivering today, Extension faculty have been committed to using technology and innovation in the delivery of educational programs


Storm Prep 2018: Preparing for pets
Hurricanes, floods,  wildfires and other natural disasters can – and do – strike at any time. It’s important to remember that if your home is not safe for your family to stay, then it isn’t safe for your pets


Storm Prep 2018: Eating to stay healthy
In the swirl of activity in gathering papers and first aid supplies and flashlights and the like, it's easy to overlook one critical element of your preparations: making sure you eat right during and after a storm. Don't wait


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    Storm Prep 2018: Stock up on basic foods
    Buy early and stock up. Sage advice, when it comes to disaster preparations


    Storm Prep 2018: Get your paperwork in order
    Hurricane season runs June 1 through Nov. 30