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Collage of activities and events from UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County

Events, Camps, Clubs, Training and More

At UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County, we take pride in connecting with our community. In classes. At camp and clubs. With training and workshops. Through projects and programs and in many other ways. Here, you can find links to our latest activities. Like a composting class. Or an energy upgrade workshop. Or a hands-on summer camp for youth. Maybe a community gardening opportunity.

Click on the " events..." note below a category below to see full information (or, show all categories). And, of course, please reach out to us if you need further help: 941.861.5000 or

General Interest

At UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County, helping you find solutions for your life is our mission. Backed by the expertise and research of University of Florida staff, along with Sarasota County and federal resources, we provide community initiatives, classes, and volunteer opportunities that help you build a better future.

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4-H Youth Development

Florida 4-H is the youth development program of Florida Cooperative Extension, a part of the University of Florida IFAS. 4-H uses a learn-by-doing approach and caring adults to help youth gain the knowledge and life skills they need to be productive, responsible citizens.

4-h youth pose for a photo with big smiles, as they cross a tree canopy
Sarasota County 4-H partners with educators, volunteers and community organizations to provide area youth with hands-on learning experiences in citizenship, healthy living, science, technology, engineering, and math
Eventbrite collection

With an annual economic impact of tens of billions of dollars, agriculture is vital to the state of Florida. We provide relevant and timely resources to agricultural producers and others who need information about Florida agriculture.

a grower stands in a field near a tractor, silhoutted against an orange sky with a setting sun in the background The Sustainable Agriculture Program provides resources to help producers develop food systems in Sarasota County that are prosperous, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible, while heightening consumer awareness. Eventbrite collection
Gardening and Landscaping

Florida's environment and climate present unique challenges for creating and maintaining landscapes, so we offer research-based assistance, information, and advice. Whether you are developing a vegetable garden, choosing landscape plants, seeking information about lawn care, or looking for the latest professional training, our resources can help you.

two children smile broadly behind a large, garden plant The Gardens Program builds communities around food through experiential learning opportunities, improving access to healthy produce for residents and students while raising agricultural and nutritional awareness. Eventbrite collection
an individual uses a manually powered fertilizer/chemical spreader in a grassy area, with nearby plants and trees The Commercial Horticulture Program provides research-based information and training on the best practices to create and maintain large-scale, Florida-friendly landscapes, as well as the benefits of and approaches to urban forestry. Eventbrite collection 
a person kneels and adjusts an irrigation sprinkler spraying water across a grassy area The Residential Horticulture Program offers research-based information to help create and manage appealing, Florida-Friendly landscapes that minimize the need for irrigation, chemicals and other maintenance that might harm the ecosystem. Eventbrite collection 
two, blue rain barrels sit next to a white home, connected to a rooftop gutter downspout and ready to collect rain water  Rain Barrel Workshops: Learn how to save money and resources, and protect our ecosystems, by collecting rainfall for use as irrigation water.  Eventbrite collection 
Natural Resources

To live in harmony with the Florida environment, we need to be aware of how our lives intersect with and affect it. We offer information about the animal and plant species that live here, as well as the coasts, estuaries, forests, swamps, lakes, hammocks, and wetlands that make our state unique, so you can enjoy—and help preserve—these treasures.

close-up of an asian tiger mosquito engorged with blood and continuing to feed from a person The Chemicals in the Environment Program employs training and education that promotes responsible use of pesticides, cleaners and other chemicals to limit unintended impacts to human health and the environment. Eventbrite collection 
closeup of an alligator sunning in a grassy area next to a small lake/pond The Ecology and Natural Resources Program offers programs to increase awareness of and connections to the county’s diverse natural resources, and to foster conservation practices that preserve the area’s natural capital. Eventbrite collection 
a lone sea turtle hatchling crawls toward the ocean, across a vast, empty beach The Marine and Coastal Program (Sea Grant) highlights and helps preserve the quality and abundance of shoreline and marine resources through education and hands-on experiences. Eventbrite collection 
close-up of two hands holding rich, dark soil with a recently sprouted plant growing from the soil The Waste Reduction Program works with residents, businesses and community organizations to develop and implement waste-diversion strategies, recycling efforts and composting systems for a healthy, sustainable county. Eventbrite collection 
closeup of a drop splashing into a light-blue pool of water The Water Resources Program uses education and citizen science to increase awareness of water connectedness to build a conservation ethic that will sustain and protect our water supply and preserve our quality of life. Eventbrite collection 
a group of people strolls through a grassy field and into a forested area EcoWalks: Stroll through and learn about some of Sarasota County’s most beautiful and environmentally sensitive preserved lands, with in-person, interpretive walks guided by our UF/IFAS ecology and natural resources educator and other specialists. Eventbrite collection 
closeup of a florida panther walking through a grassy, open field toward the camera Wild Sarasota events provide information about a variety of wildlife species and related topics, including information on natural history, identification, unique characteristics or adaptations, conservation status, and more Eventbrite collection 
Nutrition and Healthy Living

We know your life is complicated. That's why we have information about health and nutrition, money management, food, home concerns, relationships, and many other topics. Our resources can help you whether you are retired, a first-time parent, a teen, or someone in between.

a person washes a tomato under running water in a sink The Family and Consumer Sciences Program empowers residents to improve quality of life with training and information on healthy and sustainable living; food safety, nutrition, and preservation; and disaster preparedness. Eventbrite collection 
two women discuss the contents of a nutrition booklet, with two children sitting on the lap of and beside one of the women The Family Nutrition Program helps limited-resource families in Florida access more nutritious food choices on a budget and adopt healthier eating and physical activity habits to reduce the risk of obesity and chronic disease. Eventbrite collection 
an elderly man and woman share a full meal at a home table Our “Age Friendly” events show you strategies to successfully navigate the challenges of aging and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Eventbrite collection 
satellite image of a large tropical storm approaching Florida through the Atlantic Ocean Disaster Preparedness: Being prepared for a weather disaster can save your life. Join us as we discuss ways you should prepare to stay safe. Eventbrite collection 

Developing thriving, just, sustainable communities is a critical exercise around the globe, and, of course, in a rapidly growing Florida. We provide information addressing sustainable housing, agriculture, and communities to help residents, growers, business owners, decision-makers and a host of others across diverse social groups better understand and manage a broad spectrum of issues that can affect their quality of life.

two workers install solar power panels near the peak of a red-tiled rooftop  The Sustainability Program employs community programs, educational outreach, and government policy to help create and maintain a sustainable Sarasota County with thriving environmental, economic, and social conditions.  Eventbrite collection 


Lee Hayes Byron
County Extension Director

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