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The Myakka River gently flows as it meanders through Myakka River State Park.


"Water is one of Sarasota County's most precious resources. We depend on a clean, reliable, safe water supply, not only when we turn on the faucet, but as the foundation of our economy."
– Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan

The central mission of the water resources program is to bring information about the water cycle to the forefront of all water discussions in order to engage citizens and train leaders to address the water quantity and quality issues affecting Sarasota County.


The water cycle connects us, not only to one another but to animals, plants, and people across Florida. We are connected to our streams and bays by our faucets and laundries, to our regional and statewide neighbors by our surface and groundwater supplies, and to our neighborhood ponds and lakes by our yards and streets. Understanding the power of the water cycle to connect and unite individuals may inspire each to take action with the hope that their neighbors will do the same. It is through individual action that a conservation ethic grows, an ethic that is necessary to sustain and protect our water supply and preserve our quality of life.

Seven programs will aid in this central mission:

  • Water Conservation – Learn how to contribute to the growing water conservation ethic in Sarasota County
  • Irrigation - A significant portion of our water use goes toward irrigation; discover some simple ways to reduce your use and register for a free irrigation evaluation
  • Reclaimed Water – Reclaimed water is a great alternative to potable water for irrigation; learn more about this valuable conservation tool that is helping preserve our county’s water supply
  • Drink Local – Being kind to our environment starts with a simple task – drinking water from our taps; learn what it means to drink local and see how Sarasota County keeps your tap water safe and delicious
  • Healthy Ponds Certification Program – Stormwater ponds provide the important service of holding and filtering stormwater runoff; register for our Healthy Ponds Certification Program to learn how to keep these ponds healthy and functional
  • Florida Microplastics Awareness Project – Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that can wreak havoc on the ocean food web and harm human health; view our Sarasota County microplastic infographic to learn more about the local situation
  • Florida Waters Stewardship Program – Join the growing list of stewards making a difference for water in our community


Make the Pledge

Commit to a growing water conservation ethic and receive free water-saving devices

Save the Swales trifold lede illustration

Learn how swales and bioswales help manage stormwater and water quality, and what you can do to help
The Water Cycle

Connects Us

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