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Solar panels, energy upgrades and electric vehicles


UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County defines sustainability as satisfying our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We are committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability. To achieve the balance necessary for a sustainable community, this means:

  • Replenish the resources we use or consume;
  • Ensure our values guide us into the future; and
  • Invest in our community to ensure future prosperity.

This is a constantly evolving journey, with countless directions and possibilities. We invite you to join us on this journey, through your choices and actions and by encouraging others in the community. Together we can make a difference – today, and for future generations.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us by email to or phone call to 941-861-5000.



The products we buy, the cars we drive, the places we choose to live, work and play: our choices affect our environment and community. Our cumulative behavior in consuming and disposing of resources will influence our community’s future quality of life. This is true for the community and for government entities. When local governments, businesses and residents practice sustainability it enhances the economy, provides cost savings, saves taxpayer dollars, conserves resources, protects the environment, and helps make a healthier community. 

Sustainability in Sarasota County

Sarasota County Government leads the move to sustainability, with programs, processes and policies to achieve greater balance among environmental, economic and social impacts. Among our achievements:

  • leed gold-certified 2023 logoIn 2023, Sarasota County achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) “Gold” certification and national accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council, an honor recognizing an array of efforts to increase sustainability across the county.

    Sarasota County achieved Gold certification through the LEED Cities & Communities rating system for implementing practical and measurable strategies and solutions to improve community-wide sustainability and the residents' standard of living.

    Cities, counties, and communities are evaluated on nine key categories: integrated process, natural dystems and ecology, transportation and land use, water efficiency, energy and greenhouse gas emissions, materials and resources, quality of life, innovation, and regional priority.

    Find out more about our progress:

  • Designated a Gold level “Green Local Government” by the Florida Green Building Coalition in 2008 and again in 2015, the highest scoring county in the state.
  • More than $4 million in grant funding, primarily focused on energy efficiency and sustainable economic development.
  • $1.5 million in Florida incentives through the Sustainable Energy Economic District (SEED) Incentive Program.
  • Reached 1,500 households with Energy Upgrade program, saving residents an estimated $259,000 per year.

Join us as we build a sustainable community.


Sarasota County Government offers an array of programs to help you build and maintain sustainability in your life, your business, and your activities.

Energy Upgrade

The Energy Upgrade program was established in 2012 to offer workshops to homeowners on how they could save money through energy and water efficiency. In 2016, the program expanded and evolved into an energy equity program, specifically targeting under-served residents with educational programs. This revised program touches each part of the triple bottom line of sustainability: Environment (reducing greenhouse gas emissions), Economy (saving residents money) and Equity (reaching those that need assistance the most).

Since this expansion, the Energy Upgrade program has helped thousands of community members to save nearly one-million dollars off of their utility bills. Energy-saving workshops, 1:1 consultations, and in-home retrofits are still taking place on an ongoing basis. Visit our Sarasota County webpage for more information on how you can get involved!


Learn more about the concrete actions Sarasota County Government is taking to create a sustainable community. View a list of sustainability-related policies.

The Sustainability newsletter is published and distributed quarterly (previously monthly), providing timely news for residents, business owners and employees, elected officials, policy-makers, and others. To subscribe, find the link at the bottom of any newsletter or visit our sign-up page (place a checkmark in the Sustainability box under "Send me information about..." ).

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