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How Do I... Explore with Story Maps?

A story map is a tool that combines information, maps, images, videos, and more into an interactive application to explore and learn. The story maps below were designed to connect residents and visitors with the many outdoor- and nature-related experiences available at county locations and to share information on the county’s water quality initiatives. The maps allow users—including individuals who otherwise might have difficulty visiting these spaces—to experience and connect with natural areas of the county, and to dive more deeply into information available about those spaces and efforts to protect them.

Developed as a collaboration between multiple Sarasota County departments and offices—Extension and Sustainability; Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources; Libraries and Historical Resources; and Enterprise Information Technology—the virtual tools increase accessibility and provide opportunities to explore and learn from wherever you are. They also provide users a richer experience when visiting areas in person, by making available online a deeper well of information about sites, noting unique or interesting features to visit, and more.

Click on a header, map image or link in the map descriptions (below) to open the story map and being exploring.

NEW!!  Community and Demonstration Gardens  NEW!!  

screenshot of community/demonstration gardens story map landing page

The gardens story map highlights the locations of various gardens, shares links to venue information, and provides history of the gardens and photos of resources at each site. The tool helps showcase how gardens serve as community connection spaces and areas to grow fresh food, support sustainable landscaping and native wildlife, and much more.

NEW!!  Natural Areas  NEW!!  

screenshot of natural areas story map landing page

With the natural areas map, users can take a virtual, guided hike along a trail in some of the unique and precious natural areas in Sarasota County to learn more about the plants, animals, and habitats found at each site, view photos taken along the trail, and find additional information and resources about Sarasota County’s natural areas. Users also can use the app while visiting sites to enrich the in-person experience.

Water Quality

screenshot of water quality initiatives story map landing page

Sarasota County has implemented many programs and initiatives to protect water quality through infrastructure improvements, conservation, restoration and education. The water quality story map highlights a selection of those initiatives to provide an interactive introduction to the diversity of water quality protection efforts and share ways for residents to get involved.


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