How do I request a speaker/presentation?

As part of our mission to provide practical education for building a better future, Extension offers educational programs on a variety of topics. While we offer an array of classes, presentations, workshops and other events both in-person at locations around the county and as online webinars, we understand that you might like something tailored more to your needs. We can help.

You can request one of our experts to speak directly to you and your group. We'll come to your classroom, community room, conference hall or just about anywhere you need us in Sarasota County, or we'll work with you to establish a virtual, online webinar open to your guests anywhere. Speaker availability and minimum group sizes apply, as well as current restrictions/guidelines related to containing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Start by choosing an audience age category below, and then reviewing the available topics and descriptions (view all categories). Then, once you have identified or narrowed your choice of topic(s), request a speaker/presentation by completing our online form.

Youth-themed topics
Energy and Water Conservation Family sustainability kit including energy and water conservation wheels & activities
Energy Vampire Hands-on art project making vampires out of art supplies and an energy vampire worksheet to take home
Insects and Butterflies Touches on many examples of insects, interesting facts, and body parts.
Leaves Describes types of leaves through a matching activity and leaf rubbing activity.
Pollinators Describes native pollinators, habitat for pollinators, and the pollination process. Includes a hands-on pollination activity.
Project Learning Tree Environmental Education Program through experiential science opportunities
Propagation Introduces the various methods of plant propagation. Students are able to divide plants and take home samples.
Soils/Composting Describes basic process of soil formation and composting, and different types of soils.
The Hydrologic Cycle Reviews how water moves through our environment, touches on local conservation issues, and provides a hands-on bead bracelet activity.
Veggie Face Art Allows students to create a hands-on art project (Veggie Faces), while also touching on the concept of "temporary art." When supplies are available, students also may sample healthy produce.
Wetlands Increases awareness of classifications and functions of wetlands, animals found in various habitat types, touches on local conservation issues, and provides a clay model wetland observation activity.
Worms Describes anatomy of worms, soil benefits, and provides a hands-on learning experience.
General audience topics
Closing Up Your Florida Home Unoccupied homes in Florida are prime targets for mildew growth, storm damage, and pests. Learn how to prepare your home – inside and out – before leaving for a long time, with a checklist provided to help you remember key tasks.
Electric Avenue: Supporting Electric Vehicles in Sarasota County Learn the basics of how electric vehicles work, the benefits they provide, considerations for those interested in buying one, and the area's charging infrastructure. A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle will be available to view on site.
Energy Upgrade Learn cost-saving strategies for residents, considerations in selecting contractors, do-it-yourself opportunities and possible incentives. Attendees receive a free "Do It Yourself Energy Saving Kit," which includes compact fluorescent light bulbs, faucet aerators, a smart power strip, rope caulk and outlet insulating gaskets.
Every Drop Counts: Water Conservation Inside Your Home and In Your Landscape Want to understand where your water comes from, and how to conserve it and save money? We will discuss Sarasota County's water supply and treatment, understanding your water bill, and conserving water in your home's bathroom, kitchen, pool, landscape, and more.
Florida-Friendly Basics: FFL 101 This class will teach you the basics of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ program. We will show you the nine principles that can help you have a successful, beautiful lawn and garden while protecting our natural resources.
Florida-Friendly Basics: Pests and Pollinators What is that bug? Learn all about common yard pests and pollinators. We will practice insect identifications and discuss the many ways to utilize beneficial insects in our landscapes.
Florida-Friendly Basics: Wicked Weeds Tired of battling weedy plants? Learn how to accurately identify common yard invaders. We will cover lawn weeds, common invasive urban species, and various methods for controlling unwanted plant pests.
Florida-Friendly Basics: Water Conservation Focus on the many ways that you can conserve water in the landscape. Discuss the different water catchment systems, rain barrels, rain gardens and bioswales. Learn how to save money and water in your garden during this interactive class.
Green Living Where do you start on the road to sustainable living? This class will introduce ideas for energy and water savings, waste reduction, and more, as well as provide community resources to help you.
Solar in the Sunshine State: The Basics of Solar Energey for Florida Homeownersl Want to know more about solar energy in Florida? This workshop will focus on the basic technology, calculating return on investment, policies affecting solar adoption and incentives to help pay for it.

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by phone at 941-861-5000 or email to Thank you!