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Statistics show that the typical homeowner may use 50% or more of their household’s total water consumption on outdoor irrigation. Our turfgrass requires a certain amount of water to stay green and healthy, but beyond that, we can cause numerous problems in our landscape when we apply too much water or distribute it inefficiently.

Homes that irrigate with city or county water are wasting a valuable freshwater resource when overwatering their lawns. Additionally, soil nutrients may either leach into our underground aquifer system or be carried away as runoff into our local waterbodies, negatively affecting water quality. Overly wet soil may also encourage the growth of unwanted pathogens, which may harm your plants. Finally, overwatering leads to a shorter root system, which means your turfgrass and landscape plants will have less stability in the soil, be more vulnerable to erosion, and require water more frequently.

Read on to learn about what you can do to increase the efficiency of your irrigation system.

Take Action

1. Enroll in our free online courses

Interested in learning more about your irrigation system, what changes you can make to help it run better, and how you can help save huge amounts of water in the process? Free, self-paced UF/IFAS Extension Online Learning courses are now available. Click on the course name below to register through Canvas. Participants who successfully complete the course will earn a certificate.


2. Sign up for a free irrigation evaluation

Let us help you save big on your water bill with an irrigation evaluation. If you live in Sarasota County, you qualify for a free evaluation of your irrigation system. Evaluations include a site visit and test of each irrigation zone, followed by recommendations for irrigation efficiency and water conservation. Sign up for an evaluation here:

3. Do your own irrigation evaluation at home

Use our Water Savings calculator to see how much you could save by making some easy changes to your current irrigation routine.

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