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Agriculture & Natural Resources


The mission of this Extension Program is to provide up-to-date, accurate, science based, non-biased information to crop producers and to anyone who wishes to enjoy the wonderfully diverse natural resources of Alachua County. Click here for information on pesticide licensing and trainings in Alachua County.

Agricultural Row-Crops

Alachua county is responsible for producing several important agronomic row crops including peanuts (5,000 acres), field corn (3,000 acres), cotton and tobacco (400 acres). In addition to field crops, bahiagrass and bermudagrass are other important forage crops produced. My expertise will focus on plant pathology and plant health, to increase the yield and profitability of the row and forage crops produced.

Natural Resources

The variety of ecosystems found in Alachua County (pine flatwoods, hardwood hammocks, marshes, swamps, and sand hills) are an important attraction for residents, pond owners, fishermen, hunters, nature enthusiasts, and tourists alike. The goal of this program is to increase the awareness of Florida residents about the importance of preserving and taking care of our threatened natural resources.

Pesticide Licensing

Our office provides training and testing for multiple licenses under the Chapter 482, 487 and 388 of Florida's Statues. For more information and scheduling pesticide exams, please call our office at 352-955-2402.