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A very important economic sector for Alachua County is agriculture. Crops produced in the county are very diverse and include a variety of vegetables, fruits and nuts distributed in farms that occupy approximately 187,985 acres (2012 Census of Agriculture).  Fruit, nuts and vegetables add up to more than $31.54 million in direct output, generating approximately 854 direct jobs in the county (Alachua County’s Agricultural Economy Factsheet, 2016).

Ornamental Production & Green Industry

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences, there are about 170 registered nurseries in the county.

Pesticide Licensing

Our office provides training and testing for multiple licenses under the Chapter 482, 487 and 388 of Florida's Statues.

Ag Entrepreneurship

Before getting your hands dirty, there are multiple considerations that you need to contemplate if you are considering starting a small farm.


Small Farms & Hydroponics

Our office offers education programs to help producers in several areas of crop production.

Beekeeping Education

Beekeeping Education Classes

Growers Directory

2024 Growers & Hay Directory