Livestock & Forage Production in Alachua County


Cattle, horses, goats and chickens are common agricultural enterprises raised in Alachua County. Most livestock are grazed on bahiagrass and supplemented with winter forages during the winter. The small farms (10-20 acres) in the county is increasing in Alachua County. Many of these farms include cattle, horses, or goats. Pasture management plays an important role in the longevity of the livestock for these small farms which are often land limited.

Beef Cattle Production

Alachua County currently ranks 13th in the state in beef cattle production with approximately 40,000 head. Livestock sales in Alachua County totals $31,862,000. Educational workshops and programs are

Pastures and Forage Production

Alachua County has 187,985 acres in agriculture. 375.% is in pastureland. Hay production is a major agricultural commodity in Alachua County with over 20,000 acres in hay production, currently 4th in the state. Poor quality forages and a short growing season are two limiting factors in livestock and forage production.

Equine, Small Ruminants, and Poultry Production

Alachua County also ranks 5th in horse numbers (3800 head), and 2nd in goats (3200 head). Programs are taught in the areas of nutrition, animal health, and reproduction.