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An extreme closeup image of a bedbug

Bed Bug Infestations in Multi-Family Housing

As the first report says, "there is no silver bullet for eliminating bed bugs. [...] Bed bug success stories usually involve people who live and work in a building (including a pest management professional) coming together as a team to battle this pest."

  • What's Working For Bed Bug Control In Multi-Family Housing (607KB pdf)
    "This report is designed for health professionals, housing professionals, and pest management professionals seeking to plan for or respond to a bed bug infestation in multi-family housing."
  • Integrated Pest Management: A Guide for Affordable Housing (25.80MB pdf)
    "A new resource from the Northeastern IPM Center that will help affordable housing managers, owners, and agents use integrated pest management (IPM) to contend with a variety of urban pests in their facilities. It will also serve as a useful tool for anyone seeking to integrate IPM practices into a residential pest management strategy."