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An extreme closeup image of a bedbug

Choosing and Working with a Pest Control Professional to Control Bed Bugs

If you find yourself with a bed bug problem, we are fortunate to be in a state with many options for successful control of this pest.  However, do-it-yourself options are not usually successful and knowing which company or method to select can be challenging.  Here are some tips that can help you select the right professional to help you control bed bugs:

  • Always deal with a qualified and licensed pest management company. Consider asking to see the license or other credentials of the pest control professional that comes to solve your pest problem.  Call the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service to confirm credentialing, 850-617-7997.
  • Look for companies that advertise “integrated pest management” services.  They are more likely to inspect and monitor conditions.
  • Ask companies how they approach the problem of bed bugs. Good companies will:
    • Provide a written inspection report, along with an action plan.
    • Insist that you get a quote based upon inspection findings, not just a flat fee.

Local Offices

Visit our local offices page to find contact information for Extension faculty and staff in your county, as well as directions, maps, and website links for all of Florida’s Extension offices.

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