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Houseplants and Humidity in NE Florida Winters
After several mild winters, NorthEast Florida has experienced several recent cold spells where we have turned up the thermostats in our homes.  Homes typically have low humidity levels anyway but during the winter, heat pumps and other heating sources can create dry air throughout the house


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This Arbor Day, Plant an Investment in a Greener Future
January 20 is Arbor Day in Florida, and this Friday, Extension offices throughout the state will be hosting tree planting workshops and tree giveaways. Florida gets a jump on national arbor day, which isn’t until April, because this is the time of year when young trees are easiest to transplant in our warmer climate


Frost Protection
With three days of hard freeze already this winter and another weekend of freezing temps ahead, our gardens need us to brush up on frost protection. When does frost occur? Frost, which is a layer of ice crystals, is formed when water vapor on a plant condenses and freezes without first becoming dew


The Label is the Law
Early in my career as a forester I advised a homeowner to use a certain pesticide to treat an insect problem he was having.  He called me back a week later to tell me that after he followed my advice, his plant was killed


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    The plight of flowering dogwood in northeast Florida
    Historically, nothing said spring had arrived any better than a flowering dogwood tree.  It remains a favored tree in southern landscapes


    Mangroves in northeast Florida
    When I graduated as a forester 37 years ago, the northern range of mangrove trees in coastal waters was about the Merritt Island area roughly 100 miles south of here. However, with climate change reducing the number of extreme cold events it is now possible to find black mangrove, in isolated pockets as far north as Nassau County