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UF/IFAS Extension
Duval County

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1010 N. McDuff Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32254


Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm

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New Partnership…New Students…New Impact!
Nothing is better than finding new ways to impact your community and teaching kids. Both of which we get to do with the new partnership Duval 4-H has with the City of Jacksonville’s community centers


What's Going on in Florida

Why You Already Quit Your New Year’s Resolution, and How to Reset
Here we are, already more than halfway through February of the new year; can you believe it? Still, January (the quintessential month of the ever-so- talked-about resolutions) isn't very far behind us. While January represents a time of change and new beginnings, maybe you noticed a bit of shift when it comes to the big “R” word last month, even just by scrolling through Instagram and Facebook stories


Extension’s 108th Anniversary
This Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s also the 108th anniversary of an obscure piece of legislation that might also play an important role in your life


Duval County 4-H Foundation Annual Spring Dinner and Auction
The Duval County 4-H Foundation was created in 1973 to enhance existing 4-H programs and to initiate new and innovative projects in youth. Each year Duval County 4-H serves local youth through school enrichment, clubs, and summer camps


Carolina Wild Petunia
You may be seeing the Carolina Wild Petunia (Ruellia caroliniensis) popping up in your lawns in early spring.  It is a pretty little plant native to Florida and endemic to the southeastern U


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    Where do you store your financial documents?
    Every year there is a new smartphone, a new app, or some new technology for business and personal use.  These advances in technology cause many companies to move toward a paperless system


    Introducing … the Freedom Lawn!
    The state of NJ cultivated them on road sides, during a labor shortage in the 90s. Neighborhoods across Duval county have had them for years