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Duval County Extension Staff Contacts

General Information


Duval County Extension
1010 N. McDuff Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32254

Phone: (904) 255-7450
Fax: (904) 255-7399

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Stephanie Toelle, Duval County Extension Director

Sandra Moody, Fiscal Administrative Aide

Tracy Akers Williams, Marketing Manager

Arlene Eminisor, Office Assistant

Jeannie Crosby, Office Assistant

Walter Holmes, Utility Worker

Sarah Freeman, Agriculture Program Secretary

Sana'a Schuster, Administrative Aide, 4-H & Family and Consumer Sciences

Agriculture Program Area

Larry Figart, Urban Forestry Agent, Program Coordinator

George Richardson, Commercial Horticulture Agent

Stephen Jennewein,  Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises Agent

Tonya Ashworth, Environmental Horticulture Agent

Vacant, Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program Assistant

Kate O'Brien, Junior Master Gardener Program Assistant

Beth Marlowe, Urban Garden Program Assistant

Kevin Eggleston, Urban Garden Assistant

Family and Consumer Sciences Program Area

Natasha Parks, Family Resources Agent, Program Coordinator

Vacant, Life Skills & Wellness Digital Media Influencer

D'alicia Straughter, Canning Center, Program Assistant

Ashley Kelly, Extension Program Manager, FNP

Vacant, FNP Nutrition Educator

Vacant, FNP Nutrition Educator

Sheila Shaw, FNP Nutrition Educator

Candice Deary, FNP Nutrition Educator

4-H and Youth Development Program Area

Kelsey Cook, 4-H Extension Agent, Program Coordinator

Grace Carter, 4-H Extension Agent

Amaris Daniels, 4-H Program Assistant

Miranda Bird, 4-H Program Assistant

Mahrod Roof, 4-H Program Assistant

Terri Weaver, 4-H Foundation Office Administrator

Sana'a Schuster, Administrative Aide, 4-H & Family and Consumer Sciences