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Duval County 4-H Volunteers


Duval County 4-H relies on dedicated volunteers to promote its mission to help youth gain the knowledge and life skills they need to be productive, responsible citizens. Your time as a volunteer will provide these youth the safe environment they need to pursue whatever interests, causes, and leadership roles that are most important to them. Adults who are not currently 4-H volunteers, we invite you to become a volunteer and share in the positive experiences of the Florida 4-H program.

Volunteer Training

This section links to Florida 4-H volunteer resources to assist our 4-H volunteer with their leadership efforts. Volunteers should plan to attend yearly training meetings hosted by the Duval 4-H office. Meeting dates are released by the 4-H office in advanced.

New Volunteers

We appreciate your interest in volunteering with Duval County 4-H! Volunteers are essential to the successful implementation of the 4-H program. As a 4-H volunteer, you represent 4-H and the University of Florida. Contact our 4-H office about joining Duval 4-H as a volunteer.

Club Leader Resources

Being in a 4-H club provides important opportunities for youth to learn subject matter and life skills while working with a caring adult and other youth. In this section club leaders can find resources they need to be successful.