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Termites in Florida

Native Subterranean Termite

Resources for Homeowners and HOAs

Disclaimer:  This maps includes termites found on monitoring stations, confirmed reports from industry, residential and commercial properties, and trees.  This map was created from data processed in summer 2017 and does not mean the structures or locations currently have termites or are the species indicated on the map as species may change over time.

View the Map of Termite Species and Number Found In Jacksonville in May-July 2017

Disclaimer: Each point indicates an approximate location where a species was collected at some point in time. It does not necessarily indicate current active infestation but indicates that the species was detected within the area.

Map of where Termite Monitoring Stations were Located in Jacksonville, May-June 2017

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Jacksonville Formosan Termite Task Force

The Jacksonville Formosan Task Force is comprised of local stakeholders in the Jacksonville area.  Our mission is to provide education about formosan termite identification, prevention, and control.  

If you have questions about the task force please contact Erin Harlow, at 904-255-7450 or

Termite Resources

For additional information, please call us at (904) 255-7450.


George Richardson

George Richardson Commercial Horticulture Agent (904) 255-7450