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No Mow March

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Thank you for participating in No Mow March 2023. We will be back in 2024 for you to join your local participating  county Extension office in the Panhandle of Florida to celebrate pollinators with No Mow March. 

Landscapes and lawns have potential to support many of our native pollinators during our transition into Spring. There are many winter weeds and wildflowers that serve as nectar and pollen sources for native bees and other pollinating insects.  By allowing your lawn or a part of your landscape to be more natural, you are supporting pollinator populations.  Continue your break from mowing through the month of March for pollinators.  

Gardening in the Panhandle

Articles during March will feature information about pollinators and plants, along with low maintenance lawn care techniques.


Check out our listing of specific county community events on pollinators, wildflowers, and plants.

Pollinators and HOAs

Live in an Homeowners Association? Learn a few ways you can promote pollinators while following association lawn and landscape maintenance requirements.

Your Pollinators

Join our No Mow group on INaturalist to upload photos and make observations about pollinators and plants in your landscape or neighborhood. When you upload a photo it will be entered into our contest for No Mow March themed prizes.