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UF/IFAS Extension
Escambia County

The University of Florida IFAS Extension Escambia County is the liaison between research conducted by scientists at the University of Florida and our local community.

3740 Stefani Road
Cantonment, FL 32533


Monday - Friday
8am - 4:30pm

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Video: Evergreen Shrubs in the Fall
Fall is the season for leaf color changes on many plants, but we are often concerned when we see evergreen plants with brown leaves. Learn what is normal browning for evergreens and when to seek more help from UF IFAS Extension Escambia County


What's Going on in Florida

2021 UF/IFAS Extension Peanut Butter Challenge
Pensacola, Fla. --- The Peanut Butter Challenge, UF/IFAS Extension’s annual jar collection for local food pantries that launched in the Florida Panhandle in 2012, is again spreading statewide this year


NFREC Quincy—100 Years of Service and Adaptation
It was the summer of 1978. I had just graduated with a BS degree in Agronomy from the Ohio State University


Six Rivers EDRR Invasive Species of the Month – Apple Snails
EDRR Invasive Species Apple Snails (Pomace sp.)   Define Invasive Species: must have all of the following – Is non-native to the area, in our case northwest Florida Introduced by humans, whether intentional or accidental Causing either an environmental or economic problem, possibly both Define EDRR Species: Early Detection Rapid


Weekly “What is it?”: Gabions
I became familiar with the term “gabion” 20 years ago when I worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, when helping people manage ongoing erosion problems was an almost-daily task. Northwest Florida's soils are often full of highly erodible sand


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    Keep Your Food Safe This Holiday
    “Leave the food on the table and we will nibble on it later.” This is a familiar phrase during the holidays, but according to food safety experts it is not a good idea


    Weekly “What is it?”: Woolly Oak Gall
    I was walking up to one of the county office buildings when I noticed it on the ground—a dead oak leaf lying bottom-up, with marble-sized, fuzzy brown orbs attached. I picked it up to examine the leaf and its odd attachments more closely, thinking at first it might be a small caterpillar