UF/IFAS Extension
Escambia County

The University of Florida IFAS Extension Escambia County is the liaison between research conducted by scientists at the University of Florida and our local community.

3740 Stefani Road
Cantonment, FL 32533


Monday - Friday
8am - 4:30pm

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Dine In: Uncle Eddie
Uncle Eddie wasn’t actually my uncle. He was my grandfather


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10,000 Pounds of Peanut Butter
What would you do with 10,000 pounds of Peanut Butter? How about change the lives of hungry families. What’s It All About? The annual Peanut Butter Challenge has begun for 2018


A is for Apple
October is National Apple Month. A is for Apple


Peanut Butter Challenge Fights Hunger, One Jar at a Time
We hear a lot about hunger. You’ve no doubt seen public service announcements on television, asking you to give to charitable organizations to help feed people


Peanut Butter Helps Hurricane Victims
You want to help but don’t know how? Maybe you don’t have much money and you don’t have skills, time, or transportation to get to hurricane Michael victims for clean up or rebuild. One easy, low-cost way to help is peanut butter


Wells Water Safety after Hurricane Michael
PSA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wells Water Safety after Hurricane Michael October 22, 2018 To be read on the air or issued in print. After a hurricane, is your well water safe to use? If your private well or septic system was damaged during the storm, your well water may be contaminated with harmful bacteria


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    A is for Apple
    October is National Apple Month. A is for Apple


    Master Gardener Program Forms Endowment Fund
    The Escambia County Master Gardener Program has formed the Escambia County Master Gardener Endowment Fund, in conjunction with the University of Florida Foundation. The University of Florida Foundation, a nonprofit organization, will be managing the funds for the endowment