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UF/IFAS Extension
Escambia County

The University of Florida IFAS Extension Escambia County is the liaison between research conducted by scientists at the University of Florida and our local community.

3740 Stefani Road
Cantonment, FL 32533


Monday - Friday
8am - 4:30pm

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Herrings, Sardines, and Anchovies of the Florida Panhandle
These are all fish that many have heard of but know nothing about.  They are not even sure what they look like


What's Going on in Florida

Growing Green Series: Attractive Edibles
There are many edible plants that offer delicious flavors but how about edibles with a dual purpose as landscape features? Join UF IFAS Escambia Extension to learn about some attractive edibles that can be used in all aspects of your landscape either as permanent features or annual interest. There are two opportunities and locations to join us for this session which will have demonstrations


Educational First Responders for the Post-Pandemic World
A year ago, many of us thought the COVID-19 pandemic would be a moment in time, something to tell the grandchildren about. Now it looks more like a turning point in history


Weekly “What is it?”: Oyster Aquaculture
Folks started bragging to me about East Bay oysters as soon as I set foot in Pensacola decades ago. While the world knows Apalachicola oysters, their salty cousins to the west were a bit of a locals' secret


The Changing Climate – Part 2 (2010-2020)
In Part 1 we looked at the history, and the science, behind the climate change issue.  That post discussed everything said during the early periods up to about 2010


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    Six Rivers CISMA Dirty Dozen Invasive Species of the Month – Lionfish
    Six Rivers “Dirty Dozen” Invasive Species Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans) Define Invasive Species: must have all of the following – Is non-native to the area, in our case northwest Florida Introduced by humans, whether intentional or accidental Causing either an environmental or economic problem, possibly both Define “Dirty Dozen”.


    Weekly “What is it?”: Wildlife-friendly Yards
    Florida has all the elements of a wild animal’s paradise. The state has abundant rain and water sources, lush vegetation, plenty of food, and tons of nesting and hiding places