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UF/IFAS Extension
Escambia County

The University of Florida IFAS Extension Escambia County is the liaison between research conducted by scientists at the University of Florida and our local community.

3740 Stefani Road
Cantonment, FL 32533


Monday - Friday
8am - 4:30pm

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Video: Palm Care After the Freeze
Palms in North Florida suffered serious damage as a result of freezing weather in December 2022. As spring approaches, we will be looking to see if the palms will recover


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For Valentine’s Day, Invest in Being Better Together
Valentine’s Day is near and love is the air. For many, February 14th is the one day we set aside to celebrate love and the relationships in our lives


FWC’s New Ruling for Recreational Crab Traps
At their December 2021 meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) passed two rulings designed to enhance the conservation of diamondback terrapins, a small estuarine turtle. As of March 1, 2022, no one can possess a diamondback terrapin without an FWC permit


Barrier Island Wildlife in the Florida Panhandle; Part 9 Humans
Humans… No one species has altered the land, sea, and sky – as well as decreased the overall biodiversity of the planet in such as short time as has Homo sapien.   Since we have arrived on this planet we have slowly dispersed across all continents, oceans, and even the polar regions


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    Weekly “What is it?”: Mistletoe
    I know, I know, nobody really thinks about mistletoe unless it’s Christmas time and folks are kissing under it.  But it’s winter, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and there’s still plenty of mistletoe to be seen in the leafless winter landscape


    Barrier Island Wildlife in the Florida Panhandle; Part 8 Invasive Species
    The definition of an invasive species used by the University of Florida IFAS has three parts. It is not native to the area