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Citizen Science

Sea Grant provides trainings and opportunities for residents to monitor the health of our bay.  These programs include:


Monitoring salinity from locations around the bay area. Can add new volunteers only if we have available refractometers. year round.

Diamondback Terrapins

Surveying selected salt marsh beaches for evidence of terrapin nesting and estimate relative abundance.  May require paddle craft: spring.


Surveying one of 10 selected lagoons for the presence of mangroves.  Will require paddle craft: summer

Eyes on Seagrass

Monitoring seagrass growth, dispersal, and marine life at four selected stations within a selected seagrass meadow.  Will require snorkeling and the collection of water samples to be analyzed by UWF: spring, summer, fall.


Monitoring nutrients at three selected stations within a body of water.  Samples are collected and iced for analysis at the University of Florida.  Requires a boat: year round.


Surveying for the presence of lionfish within the bay system.  This will require SCUBA certification and a minimum number of logged dives, as well as membership with the Ocean Strike Team to participate. year round.

Giant Salvinia

This one is in development - but will be added. More soon.

Beach Vitex / Cogongrass

Surveying for these invasive plants on our islands. Surveys will be conducted once annually and require either walking or biking. spring.

Cuban Treefrog Surveys

This one is in development - but will be added. More soon.

Great Scallop Search

Surveying for the presence of bay scallops in Big Lagoon and Santa Rosa Sound. Requires snorkel gear and a team of at least three. Some locations require a boat to access. July.

Horshoe Crab Hunt

Surveying for horshoe crab nesting activity. Requires beach walking (about a mile). Some locations may require a paddle craft to access. Spring, fall.


Rick O'Connor Sea Grant/Marine Science (850) 475-5230

Physical & Mailing Address 3740 Stefani Road Cantonment, FL 32533