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Restoring Healthy Estuary 

Sea Grant provides presentations, information, classes, trainings, field schools, and site visits to assist residents and businesses with improving the health of our bay.  The following programs are available:

Florida Friendly Landscaping

With the assistance of Coastal Sustainability Agent Carrie Stevenson, Sea Grant can assist property owners with landscape and building designs to reduce impacts from stormwater run-off. 

Living Shorelines

Assist with design and permitting of a living shoreline project to reduce erosion and impact of stormwater.  Living shorelines also enhance estuarine fisheries. 

Biological Indicators

A program focusing on biological indicator species such as terrapins, scallops, and horseshoe crabs.

Clean Boater / Clean Marina

Assist boaters and marinas with practices that reduce impacts from discharge and stormwater. 


A program focusing on tropical species dispersing into our estuary.

Invasive Species

Assist residents and businesses with invasive species identification and management. 

After the Flush

A program that focuses on sewage discharge into the bay.

Bringing Back the Bayous

A presentation on current status of the health of our bay. 

Turtle Friendly Beaches

Assist residents and businesses with sea turtle friendly lighting issues.




Rick O'Connor Sea Grant/Marine Science (850) 475-5230

Physical & Mailing Address 3740 Stefani Road Cantonment, FL 32533