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Lawn and Garden


North Florida's climate affords us many options to grow things in our lawn and garden landscapes year-round. However, this amazing opportunity also provides a favorable environment for many challenging pests and diseases. Sometimes it seems like the bugs, the diseases and the weeds are unconquerable. Don't despair! Your Franklin County UF IFAS Extension Office can provide assistance with informational resources and expertise to assist you in meeting the challenges so you can truly enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Mole Cricket in grass

Critter or Pest?

Panhandle Lawns and gardens are faced with a plethora of non-native critters. Many of which have no natural enemies to suppress their number, extending these pests the advantage of high populations. Non-native critters require an integrated strategy to control them. For more information, click on this header to link yourself to the UF IFAS EDIS document.

Soil Bags

Do you need your soil sampled?

Probably the single most important bit of information you can have related to your efforts to grow a healthy garden or lawn is the pH of your soil. Soil pH is directly related to many aspects of how nutrients and minerals are available for plant uptake and plant growth. Franklin County Extension can assist you with getting your soil tested. Click on this header to link yourself to the UF IFAS EDIS document.

looking at citrus tree in FC

Citrus trees not thriving or producing?

North Florida presents some challenges for growing citrus due to the potential for killing freezes during the winter months and the presence of diseases and pests that can be troublesome. If you have citrus trees that are able to survive our winters and they still remain unproductive or sickly, check out the link by clicking on the header and call your Franklin County Extension Office for further assistance.